Service Monitoring

You can monitor all of your HTTP, TCP, UDP, gRPC, and ICMP services with ease on Statping. You can also confirm the service is returning a correct response with Regex matching. For normal HTTP services you can request your endpoint with multiple HTTP methods including GET, POST, PATCH, DELETE and even include your own Body and Headers.


Receiving notifications is the only way you'll know if one of your services went down. Statping has most major 3rd party applications already implemented so all you need to do is paste in your API keys. Need custom data? Don't worry, most of Statping's Notifiers allow you to insert dynamic variables for a failures/service by using mustache formatted variables.

Mobile App

Statping also has a free mobile app available on the App Store and Google Play so you add/updated services, update notifiers, create announcements, and everything else. With the Statping Mobile App you can also receive push notifications using the Mobile Notifier.

oAuth Authentication

Statping also has oAuth authentication for Github, Google, Slack, and a custom OpenID provider of your choice. We are currently expanding this selection of providers to save you the hassle of creating users, and allowing your entire team to join the fun.


Statping is an open source project, and we actually follow and respond to issues in a timely manner. If you have an issue with Statping, simply make an issue on Github and we'll fix your issue. Even if you just need some help, feel free to ask any questions within Github Issues.