An open source server to monitor your web applications and all other HTTP, TCP, UDP and gRPC services. Have us host your own Statping instance to monitor any type of online service.

Easy setup, use your own domain, simple monthly pricing.

Service Monitoring
Let Statping monitor your HTTP, TCP, UDP and gRPC services with an awesome status page
Receive notifications from many 3rd party platforms anytime one of your services becomes offline.
Custom Design
With SASS you can give your status page a custom design that fits your current website's branding.


Statping has multiple notifiers so you can know when a service becomes offline as soon as it happens. We have already implemented Slack, Discord, Telegram, Emailing (SMTP), and many others.
Mobile Alerts

Open Source

Statping will always remain open-source so we can all expand this awesome application to meet everyones needs. You can host your own Statping instance for free using Docker or just download the pre-built executable for Windows, Mac, and Linux. This website is for users who want to support the project, and to let us host your Statping instance for only $6.00 a month. Your contribution goes towards the server expenses to run a stable service.